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DIY Invitation Tools

With over 16 years experience handcrafting Invitations and Stationery for Weddings, Formals and Social Occasions; I’m passionate about sharing my experience with anyone interested in creating DIY Invitations and Stationery with precision. So let’s start with some of the top must-have diy invitation tools:

A4 guillotine paper cutter
A2 cutting mat
Reverse grip tweezers
Dressmaker Scissors for cutting lace and ribbon
Sharp scissors
Steel ruler
Craft scalpel
Hole punch
Strong hold double sided tape used by Industry professionals; tapes from discount stores won’t do.
Hole Punch
Fabric Glue
Corner Punch – for rounded corners

Your design will determine which tools you require so don’t rush out and buy them all unless you intend to take up Scrap-booking or Card-making as well.

– Melanie Ruddick